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May 01, 2015



Glad to read you again, after soooo much time! We miss you!


i'm sorry i'm still thinking but your OPIUM-rewiew u got me a bit pissed, i admit, u can read my reaction there.
But now i think bout the syncronicity and intricate function of the olfatoury sense and overlapping
counterfunctions and extensions and now that i do find interesting i'm actually like that sometimes.
Do u know the syndrome of Stendhal? It can happen to me
in special places and special smells.
The muguet i like that flower, cant have it,very
poisonous for my bird.

Melissa Pham

Please continue posting, I'd love to hear more from you.


Yup, the lily scents always give me this sensual feelings, like the spring is near.. :)


I am new to this blog and find it fascinating! I recently gave away a large jar of Todd Oldham Body Cream to my daughter, after she swooned over the scent. I bought it in the 90's and it was still like new. I am now having remorse as I thought I could replace it by looking on Ebay or elsewhere. I forgot how much i loved the scent until I smelled it on her. Does anyone know where I might find a jar of this cream?

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