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August 20, 2014


Andre Moreau

Bravo !! :)
Quiproquo was immense.
If interested, a pictorial here:


Thanks, Andre. I added a link to your post...

Grays Poole

Great review of an elusive but intriguing scent. Green, chypre, leather--everything I crave in a perfume, along with a Latin name suggestive of gender crossing. What could be better? I hope to track some down eventually.

I would also love to know more about Robert Gannon/Gonnon. His Metal and Empreinte are SO delicious and special that he must have had some perfumery secrets up his sleeve. I wonder if these scents seem so unique because of his use of the new damascones discussed here: http://boisdejasmin.com/2006/02/fragrance_ingre.html

It's wonderful to see new posts popping up here after your short time out for the publication of your book. Love your blog, love your book, and I love discovering new vintage perfumes.


I just wanted to say that perfume stinks. Perfume is illness in a bottle. I do not appreciate perfume at all. It give me breathing issues. People should refrain from stinking the whole world down in this crap called perfume. I and thousands of others would do much better without it. When you fragrance you pollute the air we all must breathe to live. And when I and others with lung issues inhale perfume we become acutely ill in breathing difficulties. Restrained breathing due ot you pollution and obstructed airways.

Fragrance suck.


I would love more information on this brilliant perfumer who made some of my all time favorites...Anais, O and my beloved Metal. Perhaps one day you will do a review on Metal? Sadly, vintage Quiproquo never made it my way but I am certain I would have adored it. Great review, B!


The review of Metal is in my book, Brigitte!

Atty Tude

Cabochard was my very first "grown up" perfume. It was given to me on my 15th birthday, many, many galaxies ago. Quiproquo soon followed. I cannot remember what it smelled like, but I remember I loved it.

"Cabochard's little sister" is right on.


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