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June 30, 2014


Andre Moreau

"....in 2006, before I became a perfumaniac...."
:D :D :D LOL !!


No one likes that word, Andre, but Im sticking to it! 


I remember the first time I smelled MV2 - a woman was wearing it at least six feet away from me, but I was getting faint wisps of the scent. I loved it so much I had to go over and ask her what it was. That was over ten years ago and I've worn it ever since. I have received countless compliments and strangers just like I was, approaching me to ask what I am wearing. Now it's discontinued and I'm on my last two bottles from Ebay. The end is approaching...and I'm not ready to let go. I was hoping you might know of a company that actually does accurate scent-match perfumes or oils? Thank you so much for this post!


Hi Nishi,

Im so glad this was useful/enjoyable to you! I know what its like to love a discontinued perfume, particularly one like this that few people write about. Im sure there are people who will duplicate a perfume. I dont have any recommendations, however, and I know I would hesitate to do such a thing. Ill ask my facebook perfume group if they have any suggestions. In the meatime...keep hoarding!


I have the box of all three scents (did they sell them separately?) I haven't worn them for ages, but I think I will dig the box out and give MV2 another try.

Another MAC 'vintage' thing was those sets of three oils. I'm trying to recall the names.... I want to say Ubersouk, and Tarmac Flower...., and I forget the other one. They were odd but pleasant. But annoying in that you couldn't buy a three-pack set of all three oils. Each one came in it's own set of three. Which you would never use up, given the strength of the oils.

Melissa Pham

Great post! Thank you for sharing. I'd like to try it.

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