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June 29, 2014



Sounds wonderful. I love Miss Balmain and Aramis, so now I'm very curious about this one. I can remember seeing bottles of it on ebay years ago, when it was surely less pricey. If only I had known...


BitterGrace, I'm very curious about the European Jules. I've heard it's similar, but I can't imagine it's intact. I'm going to look around for it...


I love the hustler analogy. That image is so pulp paperback. And it never really occurred to me until reading this and smelling Jules again that it does have a femme vibe in there.


It will be waiting for you in Berlin. That would be a really great, insidery nerdy Halloween costume!

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Paul Kiler

Thanks, Barbara, I too was introduced to Jules in that same discussion, and bought another mini too... :-)
Waiting for it to come from out of country...

It's interesting because, since that discussion, I've been thinking of a new target for some new fragrances. Better, quieter, more classical than I've been making my PK Perfumes scents line for Men to this point...


It's so beautiful, Paul, and quietly powerful. Tell me what you think when you get it! I'm in love...

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I had better get some. After all, it's nearly named for me!


Exactly! I think you would love it, Jules!

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Andre Moreau

I confirm Jules is still in production and sold only at Christian Dior boutiques. Unfortunately, you will find Jules *heavily* reformulated.
The best thing to do, in my opinion, is to buy a vintage Jules aftershave- you can still found it at affordable prices- and layer it with the modern EDT. A dab of AS, plus a spray of modern EDT. The result of this mix is near the original scent.


Great advice. I will have to try the reformulation...

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