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May 12, 2014


Andre Moreau

Head Space Technology is the Future ....since the Seventies :)
Jokes apart, this technology is really ground-breaking and with an almost-infinite potential. Not still performed at its best, however. Glad to read such an article!


Hi Andre, it's interesting that while Roman Kaiser (and others) were working on headspace, this movie dreamed it a few years ahead. And there's no way Christopher Brosius didn't see this film! 


I saw this film when I was about 16, and have probably forgotten too much of it, but I remember it as a wonderful thing. Should probably watch it again.


It is wonderful, mals, and the soundtrack (Cat Stevens) is pretty integral to the movie. I love the 70s...


Watching it now. Changed my life as a teenager..and has re resonated in my almost hopeless soul today considwring thepwrcrieveddownward death spiral our world societies seemto insist on finding the bottom of. Keep reaching forthe stars.. regain yourhope lets turn this world around

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