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November 27, 2013



It says something about me that not only do I not post pictures anywhere, I hardly ever take them. My perfume are in drawers and boxes under the bed, so no fun there. The few that I have out are set between jewellery and cosmetics in an arrangement that an outsider might find haphazard but is quite well organised and is the only overtly feminine space in my whole house. It is the site of feminine rituals I don't usually admit to. For, as an anthropologist (relax, I'm not one) would say, it's not just the objects - but they are used, and how they relate to the wider physical space and place, that matters. That's where the mystery of what makes us human is played out. Okay, I'll stop ...

I love the pic of your shelf. I've never really loved those round Guerlain bottles by themselves but they are dazzling when seen amongst others.

I am so enjoying your book. I read bits of it while I cook dinner; if I'm not careful it will get spattered like a cook book. I keep meaning to write to you to say how much I am enjoying it, and I will do that properly soon - promise!


Anne-Marie! Long time no converse! In the age of the "selfie," I think not taking pictures of yourself or other things qualifies as subversive!

I would love to have the book splattered with wine and herbs while you're cooking. It would scent the book, in any case! Like you, I don't have a dedicated, beautiful place for my perfumes. Perhaps that's because I've been moving around a lot, or because the collection has gotten too big to really put anywhere. But I agree with you that how perfume is used is more important. (I think Sam asked for things outwardly displayed, things that were meant to be read by others.) I would love to hear what you think about the book. I hope you're enjoying it! Sounds like you might be. :-)


I am fascinated by the fact that two Jo Malones sit on the same shelf as Shalimar and Rive Gauche!


Clearly, Brigitte, I moved to the dark side pretty quick! There was only one Jo Malone, however: Orange Blossom. And it caused someone in the office where I worked to ask, Wheres the old lady? So theres that!


Laughing hysterically right now!!!!! Not old lady to me at all!
I have been so disillusioned and disappointed by everyone and everything related to perfume and blogging that I have drifted into a certain ennui and disenchantment.....and then in January I got a sample of Jo Malone orange blossom (much to my chagrine the girls are in a Jo Malone frenzy...eight full bottles and counting!) Suddenly, with this insane winter, I just needed a full bottle of it! My first Jo Malone ever! I have since put it aside and have been wearing my own essential oil blends UNTIL...last night...a box from Grasse, France...1000 Flowers...every fragrance Jessica Buchanan makes was in there...and Fleure no 1 ( a cross between Silence and no 19)...a gorgeous verdant, green scent that reignited my passion...have been huffing my wrist all day! And I am grateful to be able to share this with someone who understands-LOL!


Get back in the game, girl!

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