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August 13, 2013



Ugh, this is so true. J'Adore was one of the most popular perfumes of my college years and though I've never owned it or wore it, many of my friends did and I've always felt really warmly about it. What's on the shelves now barely even resembles original J'Adore. I can't imagine the confusion or dissonance shoved upon unfortunately longtime J'Adore wearers. It's insanity.


breathesgelatin: It's not like any of this should surprise me; I've been railing against reformulations for years. But this was one of those reformulations that really butchered the original to the point that they're simply different perfumes. The new one is pretty much a flanker. Many lovers of the original JAdore, and other originals, know this. But for some, as is evidenced on Fragrantica and Basenotes forums, they just think maybe their tastes have changed, or maybe their noses aren't as good. Sigh.


J'Adore has a lot to answer for. Dior called in the masked Reformulators (why?), ruined the perfume and hey! It's still one of the top selling perfumes in the world. Other companies must surely think that if Dior can get away with it, so can they. It is just so insulting to those who loved the original.

The J'Adore story also backs up Tania Sanchez's advice: if you love something, buy it, or you'll end up bidding on eBay against other poor fools who should have bought it while they could.

Love the new look website, BTW!


New thought: I've read that Dolce Vita is nothing like it used to be either, but I've not smelled the original. Occasionally when I've spritzed DV recently on the shop it has made no impression on me. Have you tried it?


Hi annemariec: Nice to see you on the blog again! Prior to writing this post, J'Adore was one of those perfumes I felt like I really needed to sniff because so many women loved it. I'd heard grumblings about the reformulation, but this one was so egregiously disrespectful to the original in a way that seemed insulting to its fans. It's one thing to reformulate Bandit without as much oakmoss, angles or intensity; it still hints of the original. But J'Adore seems to keep the top notes and trash the rest! Pretty outrageous. And you're right, if they get away with it, others will do the same, and they will too. (I don't know Dolce Vita, but I wouldn't doubt what fans say is true.) I mean, this is not Occupy Wall Street level protest in the streets injustice, but what other industry could get away with this? There's no accountability. And perfume ain't cheap! As for the redesign (which is ongoing), I did it myself, yo!


Yeah, it makes you pretty cynical. Dior's reformulations are the worst. Although I hear Caron is pretty bad too. Is anything safe these days?


J'Adore was one of the first perfumes I ever tried. I was 13 and smelled it in one of those powdered tester pages from a fashion magazine. It was full-bodied and approachable.

I recently picked up a sample of the reformulation and it's so much thinner. That's so sad.

sea wolf

So true!!!
It just fizzles out on my skin. It just sits on top like a sharp chemical bomb and then it disappears without a trace. Its just NOT the same perfume! This is the only perfume of my youth that has had a real hatchet job done to its reformulation.


Sea Wolf: And yet it's still so popular. Imagine if they made it as good again as it was when it first came out...


Happy belated birthday and congrats on your book! Like the new look of the blog!


Thanks, sweet Brigitte! How are you?

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I used the original in many years and would have continue to do so if they did not change it so much. Same shit happen to Miss Dior Cherie which patchouli combinations I prefered to Coco Mademoiselle. I have now lost interest in Diors perfume line.

The same thing happen to Dolce & Gabbanas reformulation of Pour Femme last year, so they are all cheapening their perfumes. Aiming for the teenagers. So what are we older then 30 years + going to wear?


Maybe if we keep complaining, Hildegard, theyll go back to their old formulas. They should know that long-time fans have stopped buying their favorites because theyre aware that theyve changed so drastically.


I did not rebuy, I surfed the net to see what Fredric Malle and Sonoma Scent Studio had to offer and I am very happy I did since if I am paying premium price anyway, I rather support those who still put a passion in to create a scent.

Anyway, I recieved more or less full 50ml bottles EuP of Cartiers Le Must from 1983 and Chanel NO 5 from 1982 from my aunts collection, and I must say this is serious brilliant stuff. They had always stayed in the refrigator so the liquid was not at all lost nor the scent, she is reaching her 80ies herself and thought they became rather hard on her skin these days, so the bottles came to me. The Le Must was like a good meal of butterchicken with a new lover and this version of NO 5 is like gold on black velvet, Love them both and have sendt an e-mail to cartier to bring us the EuP of Must back.

Remy Chevalier

I hope Charlize Theron reads this...


How will i know if it is the original J adore ,i am planning to but one.I am from a tropical country ,will that be fine? if not what can you recommend.Thank you




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