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June 30, 2013



? sounds really nice. Wouldn't it be fun to find the entire contest package on eBay? sigh.

Also, wonder who came up with the name!

But most of all: It's so good to see you back here blogging!


Hi breathesgelatin. I really missed it! But Im back in the saddle. I have a lot of vintage perfumes to review, and I forgot how much I love writing about them.

As for the story behind ? and who won the contest, etc., maybe Ill do some sleuthing? I hope someone sends me some Accomplice and Complice! Hint, hint!


Hi Barbara, I'm happy to see you're back blogging. Were you off finalising your book? Please let us all know how that's progressing.
I do actually have minis of both Accomplice (bottle c. 1950s) and Complice (bottle c. 1980s), and would be more than happy to send you samples of both to compare with "?". Just recently I was in conversation with friends as to whether or not they were essentially the same scent (given that they do smell different to each other, but that might be simply due to aging/reformulation of the juice). I thought they were similar but my collector friend thought they were too different to be the same scent. So I'd certainly welcome your thoughts!


Hi Christine,

Yes! Ive been finishing the book — its finished, in proofs now — and moved to NYC. Id love to try some samples of Accomplice and Complice, and Id love to send you some ?, but as you see, it wont be a lot. Lets compare them! Ill send you my address, and vice versa, although I probably already have it?

Ill email you! Barbara


Any updates on the Accomplice/Complice/? comparisons?
XX Christine


I do love that Complice bottle.


Stay tuned, Mals! I'll talk about what it smells like, too. Christine W. was kind enough to send me a sample, but it's in NYC and I'm in Cali.

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