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May 09, 2012



Oh, Narcisse Noir. I want so much to like it, but all I ever get from it is grape Kool-aid.

This film sounds very interesting. I chuckle at the idea of nuns suffering temptations of the flesh and the flesh winning out.


Vinery, I guess instead of falling on your fainting couch, you'd be running for the hills! I hated Narcisse Noir at first, and it certainly isn't a perfume I could wear, but hot damn, it's not fooling around.

neil chapman

Aaaaagh! I have been meaning to write this article, and almost have, for a very long time, but you have brilliantly pipped me to the post!


Hi Neil! I pipped you, eh? I love that expression, and plan on using it from now on. :-) As for "Black Narcissus," I don't know how it took me so long to finally see the movie, and I'm so glad I did. Stunning and odd film! Do you think The General is talking about the Caron fragrance? I can't imagine it'd be anything else...


Wow, I have never actually seen that film, hard to believe - I had NO idea that it was about nuns vs. sensuality! I must see it soon.

I adore the vintage Black Narcissus; if only Caron would stand firm against all the reformulations so today's customers could know it too. What a pity it's been defanged.


Flora, I can't believe it took me this long to see the film, either! I knew there were Narcisse Noir references in movies, but I didn't know a movie had been made with the perfume as the title and with a bit part. It's incredibly beautiful. The whole thing was filmed on a soundstage in London, and the art direction is so gorgeous that you don't for a moment think that anything's amiss; it's heightened reality. There's a documentary about the cinematographer, Jack Cardiff. Anyway, nuns vs. sensuality is indeed what the film is about. Check it out! I'd love to hear what you think after you see it.


All of Rumer Goddens earlier books are worth reading.


Thanks for the recommendation, Judith. I really want to start with Black Narcissus. What others do you like?

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