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April 20, 2012



Wonderful! Congratulations -- I can't wait to read it!


Wonderful news and I'm so happy for you!
But we have to wait until next year to read it--gaaaak


Thanks, Olfacta! I can't wait until I finish it. :-) It's been wonderful talking to you about perfume and I've learned so much from your blog.


Hey Vinery, you're sweet! All of the lovely perfumes you sent me will be described. I'm grateful for those gifts and the conversations we've had and hopefully will continue to have.


This is great news, and I wish you all the best! I can't wait to read your book. Lovelove the inclusion of vintage perfume ads; grand idea!


Hi TaffyJ. I'm excited about the ads as well. I think the visual aspect of the ads will help highlight the more intangible aspects of the perfumes. I can't wait to share all of it!


That's wonderful! I can't wait to read it! I have learned so much about vinatge perfumes from your blog and you write so well- I'm sure teh book will be a treat!


Thanks, Isis. I can't wait for it to come out. I'm excited to see those ads in a book, as well! They're gorgeous.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! I've enjoyed your blog for a long time, and I can't wait for the book to come out.

Vintage perfume is my favorite thing in the word, as my wallet will attest.


Thanks, Emily! It's really encouraging to have affirmations that there is going to be an enthusiastic audience for this book. Glad to know you've been reading the blog for a while!


How exciting! I'm especially interested in the feminist aspect of the book.


Hi breathesgelatin (I'm dying to know the meaning behind your screen name!) I'm glad you're excited about the feminist angle. I'd say this book was driven as much by my curiosity around the meaning of smells as it was by the pleasure I get from their beauty.

The vintage ads were easier to read, of course, from a feminist point of view, but I'm also attempting to analyze perfume language/styles and what they say about the women during that particular time. (And there's a whole discourse around women and smell, so the analysis is against that backdrop, too.) I don't want it to sound too academic (I mean, perfume is fun!) but I also think it's meaningful. Anyway, thanks for your words of encouragement!


What a wonderful project that will culminate in a book I am already looking forward to reading (or just browsing, what with all the adds you mention will appear in there). :)


Hi Ines, Thanks for the words of support. And yes, there will be reading and browsing to be had!

noetic owl

As you know already I can not wait for this book to be out in print! It was you, Barbara, and your blog that sent me down the rabbit hole after I discovered all the other sites listed to the right over a year ago. But honestly, your blog is still #1 for me, as it reminds me time and time again of all the original beauties I wore in my youth. I am so looking forward to your book! Best of luck!


Yay, noetic owl! Thanks for the vote of confidence. I appreciate all of the perfume conversations we've had and the perfumes sent back and forth. But as I said above, I'm grateful for the perfume friends I've made not only because I've learned about perfume from them, but also because you guys have been fantastic to get to know. Thanks for your support!!


I can't wait to read this book, I know it is going to be fascinating.




How exciting!


Although I am of the "wrong" gender, I enjoy your blog. I wish you covered more men's vintage scents.

On the women's side, I would like it if your book (or blog) covered Elsa Schiaparelli's 1942 perfume "Spanking," a mysterious scent that has piqued my interest.


Nicole: I hope my fascination with perfume is conveyed in the book. Thanks for the positive words.


Thanks, Carrie! It makes me happy to see enthusiasm for the book.


Hi Doug, You're not the wrong gender! I love my male readers. I've reviewed a few vintage perfumes for men (Aramis, Pierre Balmain, and Eau Sauvage), and I might include a brief section in Scent and Subversion. There are definitely some gems, but they won't be the focus. There are some incredible ones I'll have to write about that I haven't: Kouros, Yatagan, Grey Flannel etc., so I'm glad you're letting me know there's some interest in that.

As for SPANKING perfume by Schiaparelli (seriously?? I almost thought you were mistakenly talking about Shocking). I'll totally get on that if someone can supply me with a good (version of) Spanking. (Sorry, I had to.)


This sounds terrific. Congrats! No suggestions, but I'd love to get my hands on a review copy when it's ready for press!


Thanks, Elisa! I'd love for you to review it.


Can't wait to add this to my perfume book collection because I love your writing. Hoping for many wonderful images like the top one in this post.

As a fairly recent subscriber forgive me if you've written about this, but have you read The Scent Trail by Celia Lyttelton?


Hooray! I am awaiting a pre-order link impatiently. ;-)


Hi moongrrl. It won't be out until next fall — but I'm so glad you want to pre-order it and read it!

Emma Sanders

CONGRATULATIONS!! This is genuinely a thoughtful and thought-provoking blog and I will definitely be putting a copy of your book on my wish list! As others have commented, the idea of including vintage posters is brilliant. Hunting down rare and vintage scents is perfume as time-travel, and it's largely down to you that I've been able to do a little of it myself. Thanks and good luck. - Emma


Thanks, Emma! Youve been reading and commenting from the beginning, and I'm happy you're still here. I can't wait to share the book — and the ads are incredible. Lyons Press wants it to be a beautiful book, so I'm really excited. Thanks for stopping by.


Hi Barbara, thanks so much for your support! And yes, the book will have over 100 beautiful and interesting ads, including the one above and many more like it. I have indeed read The Scent Trail. Lucky woman, right? I was most jealous that she got to meet Serge Lutens! Here's a review of it by a blogger I like: http://olfactarama.blogspot.com/2011/05/book-review-scent-trail-how-one-womans.html


So very happy for you (but you knew that already :)


Thanks, Jonno. I know you are a staunch supporter. S-T-A-U-N-C-H. STAUNCH.

Meg (Olenska)

Feverish with anticipation!


Thanks, Meg! You're very kind to say that. :-)


Oh wow, congratulations -as a fellow vintage fiend, I can't wait to read your book! I love reading your blog and I am so happy for you!


Thanks, Donna! I know we've been talking about perfume together for over two years. I found some of our emails about Tabu and Bat-Sheba from January 2010!


I'll be reading your book for sure.


Thanks, Joan!


MAZELTOV! Your blog is one if my favorites...can't wait to read the book.


Thanks, Perfumeobsessed. So glad you're into it! I'm excited as well.

Queen Cupcake

Late to the commenting...but congratulations! Like you, I began collecting the vintage perfumes because I figured it was disappearing and I just had to sample as much as I could. Looking forward to reading your book!


Thanks Queen Cupcake! I have some vintage you'd have to snatch from my cold, dead hands. :-) You probably understand!

Anna in Edinburgh

Wishing you all the best with your book - it'll be a great read, I'm sure, because you certainly have a way with words in your blog.
Can't wait to read it.

cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh


Anna: Thanks for your readership, insightful comments, and humor all these years! (OK, just a few years, but still!)

spice herbal incense

I like the concept of first poster..In this you had written the top 4 things in which the fourth one is perfume..Vintage perfume is really good ..And my all time favorite.

Maggie Mahboubian

This is such great news for us vintage frag freaks. I guess it's high time I came out on this one. Yup. Miss Naturals has a penchant for the past (especially now that IFRA has banned/restricted so many gorgeous aromatics) and ever since she inherited her aunt's collection, she's reopened her closet, dusted off the oldies and evaluated each with the help of your blog. Thank you for such insightful writing about a medium that is so ephemeral and elusive. I have learned so much from this exercise and it has given me such joy and satisfaction to have another take on the naturals I use. I was hoping a book like this would materialize, kind of a Luca Turin/Tanya Sanchez for vintage and lost fragrances. Brilliant! I would LOVE to review your book on my blog. Please let me know if it interests you and CONGRATULATIONS!


Hi Maggie, so glad to hear theress another vintage perfume fan, and that you've learned something from my blog. (And kudos to you for inheriting your aunt's collection; I'm sure it will just be the beginning!) It's comments like these that keep my motivation at a fever-high pitch. Thanks for taking the time to write to me!


I love the idea of this book! I'm similarly interested in the subjects you write about--the culture and sociology of perfumes. Please let us all know when it finally comes out!


Thanks, Mad Perfumista. It will be out next fall!

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looking forward to it! What about the aging of the perfumes? I have heard that citrus and floral top notes go off after opening within a few years, which changes the composition. Have you had any contrasts between unopened flacons and opened ones? I so look forward to reading this book. It will be a real contribution.

Alyssa Harad

Woo Hoo!!! This is such good news and the book sounds like it will be GORGEOUS. What a treat to know the writing will be as good as the illustrations. Now if you can just send me a list of your faves well before publication so I can scoop them up from ebay before they disappear we'll be all set. ;)

Alyssa Harad

Hmm. Have tried to comment twice and it disappeared twice. Perhaps you are moderating? At any rate--just shared this on FB. So great.


Thanks Alyssa!

I think you didn't see your comment because it was wrapping around to the 3rd page. But thanks for the enthusiasm, and trust me, I'm going to have to stock up myself! I will def. give you a list. :-) And again, can't wait to read YOUR book (Coming to My Senses).


Hi Lucy,

There are certain scents whose top notes are wonky and off, but whose core is still there. Interestingly, that doesn't necessarily correspond to the age of the perfume, but to the conditions under which it was kept (away from light and heat, for example, or never opened. I've gotten 70s perfumes that, because they were stored improperly, smell horrible from top to bottom. But then I won a vintage (30s era?) Lanvin My Sin perfectly intact in its box, never opened, that smelled amazing from beginning to end. So it depends...


Such a great idea for a perfume book, and you're the perfect person to write it. This will be an invaluable resource for fumies tracing the evolution of perfume tastes and trends.


Thank you, Katie! Im excited its finally happening!

Felicia M Hazzard

This is wonderful news and Congratulations! I will post in my magazine about your book.

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