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March 17, 2012



Green scents have always been one of the most difficult for me. In fact, the only one on your favorites list that I have tried is Muguet des Bois. Interestingly, MdB happens to have been my first perfume. I've never really thought it as green so much as a fresh floral. I do love it, especially in the spring, but other green scents have generally struck me as too severe and bitter and tend to make me uncomfortable. I haven't even liked other LOV scents much; I do not like Diorissimo; something about it smells too synthetic and plasticky to me. I wore Pheromone quite a bit in college because my boyfriend (now my husband) could smell it and liked it, but it never quite seemed right for me. I didn't dislike it, I just didn't feel the love. As I have gotten older, though, my tastes have changed. I no longer love some of the heavy-hitting orientals that I adored in my younger days, and I am coming to appreciate green scents more and more. I now genuinely love Pheromone, and recently picked up a vintage mini as my original bottle ran out. DHS Vert Pour Madame is a lovely green scent, and her Pandora is rapidly becoming a favorite. There are some perfumes that you wear, and some perfumes that wear you, but then there are some that seem to just blend perfectly with the skin. They feel not so much like perfume as like an enhancement of your own scent. I find that it is generally the green and chypres that have that ability to meld with your own scent that way.


I loved this post! rarely do green scents get much consideration but I love the way their earthy, fresh notes connect me back to nature - thank you for sharing your list.


THE SENSUALIST: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Green scents are among my favorites, and St. Patrick's Day seemed the perfect opportunity to sing their praises. Enjoy!

noetic owl

For me green scents are quintessentially spring....which happens to be my favorite season! love the list :)


Hi 50_Roses, It's very true that there are some scents you wear, and others that wear you. I think we who love perfume are all in search of that perfume that melts onto our skin and feels just right. Maybe you know it's "the one" when it's the perfume you reach for over the others, or the one you crave. I totally get that green might not be for everyone. Green is also a broad descriptor. The freshness you talk about with Muguet des Bois, I think that's the green part. Roudnitska marvels that the composer pushed the green from those fresh florals. What I like about green scents is that bit of aromatherapy from the green. It cheers me up. Thanks for stopping by!


Hi Noetic Owl, I'm with you. Green scents make me happy, as does spring!



just found your blog and i have been trying to get the bal a versailles in its vintage form to compare it with the one i actually use! do you still have some you could sell me?! how much would it cost to ship it to portugal?!

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