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September 18, 2011



Thank you,Barbara, for this great opportunity! There are so many vintages that I am sure many of us would like to revisit or try for the first time and this is a fun and affordable way to do it!


Thanks, brigitte! I just hope they get to people intact!


How nice you are! There are several I'm interested in. How do you want to know which ones? In the message form on Paypal!


Hi Isis,

Glad you're interested! Please email me first with the list you want (along your address to) : [email protected]. I will send you a total plus my PayPal account, and after the payment's posted I'll get all your stuff together and send it to you!

Thanks for your interest. --Barbara


I just recently discovered your blog and have found it to be both funny and interesting. Oh... to long for those scents that are forever lost in time. A favorite of mine was Weil's Secret of Venus Zibeline. I know one can perhaps find it on ebay, or if lucky, at an estate sale-- but I don't do those, and I've never gone on ebay, so I'm kind of at a disadvantage there. And I'm not made of money. I wonder if someone like Thierry Mugler or Hermes would consider purchasing that scent and then try to reproduce it somehow. Poor Weil... If only they could bring it back. You'ld think the family would be happy to see it resurface... if only for a time.


Elisabeta, count me as another Weil fan. They are—or were—the most underrated house. The Weil name is now owned by Aroli; I too would love a revival of the originals, however short-lived.


Hi, Barbara, they arrived! A chance to revisit my youth with Intimate and the Fabergés, as well as explore the new-to-me with Bal a Versailles, Bat Sheba, and Coty Chypre. So far, I've tried on the Intimate: in two words, urinous floral, and so as not to scare anyone away, it's wonderful!


Yay, Julie. Glad you got them. You chose well!

Teri Plymesser

i am trying to buy my longtime scent which is Skin by Bonne Bell. do they still make it?


Hi, can you get Rose pierre cardin? Victoria victoria's secret?
I hope you have an idea of how to get thoseones!!
Thanks a lot

RE. Digby

I am interested in the original "skin" Musk by Bonne bell. and in Tweed.

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