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September 25, 2011



I love this review. Thanks for giving in to my request for a vintage inspired scent review! I have been curious about Opus Oils for quite some time now. Isn't that the company that runs out of the "Jitterbug Perfume Shoppe"? (I always loved that book by Tom Robbins-must have read it 3 or 4 times!). You might also want to check out Sonoma Scent Studio as these fragrances are so vintage inspired to me! (and much more affordable than a full size bottle of vintage from e-bay!).


I have samples of the Burlesque series that I haven't yet tried on skin; I don't think Satan's Angel was among them. A shame, perhaps - I love a white floral!


(And Elvis. I still love Elvis, too.)


Hi Brigitte,

Well, it had been in the works for a few weeks. ;-) I saw Red's documentary, and when I started looking up burlesque dancers, Satan's Angel in particular, I found out she'd had a perfume named after her, so of course I had to check it out. Your idea is really great, however. Did you read Grain de Musc's recent review of (I think?) a L'Artisan fragrance? She describes it as modern vintage, a chypre to be specific. I will have to try it! I think these days, unless I'm at a shopping center, or writing stuff for Franco at Lucky Scent, I stick to the vintage just to be consistent. Once I'm done with my research, I'll come back to the new stuff!


Hi Mals,

I'd send you the Satans Angel, but I've promised Red, the Exotic World director, that I'd give him the perfume. Kedra at Opus Oils sells samples! It's pretty heady; you should try it.

And yes, that story about Elvis and Tura endeared him further to me.


Barbara! Just saw this post - I discovered Exotic World the same time Red did: 2001. It was the subject of an episode of "Who Needs Hollywood?", my comedy/doc series for Oxygen. If Red's doc contains footage from 2002's Miss Exotic World contest, I may be floating around in the background. The following clip contains footage of me participating in the Exotic World shimmy contest:


This is a great review, this make me think of herbal incense online


How great! This is what perfume is all about.


I agree, Lucy. Perfume should be fun!

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