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September 15, 2011


david lincoln brooks

Excellent review, and I happen to love PHEROMONE.


Does that even make sense? Why would men, evolution-wise, be attracted to women on their periods? Aren't we most fertile two weeks before? Maybe guys just don't want to admit how much they like a little good old-fashioned STINK.


Thanks, David! I love it too!


Hi Elisa,

I'm not sure the Jezebel commenter meant that men were more likely to hit on her DURING her period, but during the time she was ovulating, which for her is a week before her period. But yeah, I agree with you. We ALL like stink, we just don't always have the cultural permission...


I'm glad to see a review of this perfume, as I don't think it gets near the attention it deserves. I don't know what the current formulation smells like; I bought my bottle in (I think) 1985. I definitely had it when my husband and I started dating that year, and it was one of the few perfumes he seemed to be able to smell. No. 5 and Arpege, my beloved life-long favorites, were lost on him. At the time, green scents were not really my thing, but I wore it a good deal just because he could smell it. I have gained a much better appreciation of this type of scent now, but unfortunately, my bottle is quite empty. I can still get a whiff of it form the sprayer, but nothing more can be sprayed.

I would love to pick up another vintage bottle, but my experiences with buying vintage have often been disappointing. About half the time the perfume smells off. It makes me wonder just what people do with their perfume bottles. My own vintage bottles (that I bought new back in the day) still smell as they should, and I generally take no more than reasonable care with them. I mean, I do leave them out on the dresser and such, so they do get light exposure. I don't keep them in the refrigerator, or stored under nitrogen as they do in the Osmotheque, or anything like that. I think some people must keep their perfume bottle on the kitchen windowsill (south-facing window, of course) or some such, to get as spoiled as they do.

I do remember the Egyptology angle, and the claim that the formula was based on a formula translated from hieroglyphics. I bought it in part because of that and in part because I was intrigued by the idea of owning the world's costliest anything, even if it was only the much less costly "Cologne" concentration. As an impecunious college student, there was no way I could by the extrait, although I wish I could have. That "obelisk" perfume bottle is terrific!


Hi 50_Roses, I'm so glad Pheromone lovers are around. I was surprised at how beautiful it was! I'd avoided it for a while. I wish I could offer the proper notes besides what the Basenotes commenter listed...but I had to guess. If you're running out, I'd give vintage Pheromone a shot. I've seen it floating around for not that much. And yes, the bottle is great.Thanks for your story!


I had the tiniest bottle of extrait that someone had given me. I wore this one sparingly in the 80s as I did love it so and wanted to save it for as long as possible. Now I know why, spikenard, myrrh, juniper and lotus: essential oils that are right up my alley! I don't think that this one was as appreciated as much as it should have been by the mainstream consumers. It was odd, but definitely a beauty!


I loved the spikenard oil you sent me, Brigitte. I need to resniff it & then Pheromone and see if it accounts for any of the latter's beauty and strangeness...Why IS Pheromone strange exactly? It is, but I can't put my finger on what makes it so.


Perhaps it is the usage of such ancient essential oils which were not predominant notes in perfumes of the 70s and 80s. I doubt there were any perfumes of that era that contained spikenard!

style odyssey

I remember this perfume but never did smell it. Thanks for your well-written description. Sounds captivating!
I'm really enjoying your blog. :)


Thanks style odyssey!


This was one of my first "adult" perfume purchases. I remember being intrigued with how modern it looked. I can still remember it sitting on my vanity while my Gary Numan record played.


So, Whiterosepath, are you saying that "Cars" was "your song"? Hehe.


Ha. It sure was! I was a total "Numanoid."

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