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July 30, 2011



Very interesting! I remember when it was generally assumed that a few (very few) special people were born with fantastic senses of smell and those people just naturally became perfumers, complete with their noses insured by Lloyds of London, etc. Good debunking here. I've noticed that I'm finally getting better at identifying "notes" -- finally. (After three years.) I'm going to look around for some of this.


Hi Olfacta. Some people may be more talented than others in the smelling department, but I bet, as with any skill, practice makes perfect, or at least improves ability. I've long wanted those high-end natural essence kits that have individual notes so that you can train to recognize them individually. But definitely what we do helps us to train detecting a note when it's expertly blended in a fancy perfume. Doing both probably helps.

Last summer, someone I was hanging out with had on a drug store quality lavender perfume. I like to think I have a pretty good nose — but I was stumped and couldn't pick it out. LAVENDER! I felt pretty sheepish, but it happens. Sometimes the most ordinary scents, when you're asked to name them, escape you even though you're like I KNOW WHAT THIS IS.

As for Fete, eBay seems to only have expensive, pure perfume, full-sized bottles now. I got a mini last year for about 10 bucks there. Keep lookin', though (you could ask Leslie-Ann at Miniature Perfume Shoppe if she has some in storage), and I'd love to hear what you thought if you get your hands on some. Thanks for stopping by!

Angela Cox

WOW ! ....want !


It's amazing, Angela. I can't get enough. This is no rose, though!


Good heavens, what sort of foundation garment is that woman wearing? It's making me gasp just looking at her.

Fete has inspired you to new heights: a review that contains the words louche (love that one), minx, riff-raff, bubbles, sweat ... there is clearly a lot going on in this perfume.

Have you ever had a play around with aromatherapy oils? I did this yesterday in a departments store where there were testers, and I got to sniff for ages undisturbed. It was fun to smell things like ylang ylang, clary sage, neroli, patchouli etc on their own. There was even some Australian sandalwood, which was lovely but very expensive, about $55 for a tiny bottle. I bought some bergamot in the end - it was one of the cheapest! It's not the same as those high end essence kits but it's a start.


"That woman," Anne (you don't recognize her?!) is young Sophia Loren, who has one of the most charming movie star quotes ever: "Everything I have I owe to spaghetti." Pretty funny.

Fete is amaaaazing. Yes, it did inspire me to pull out goofy words, perhaps to convey how much this perfume got to me. (But you didn't mention my favorite — forthwith!) It was one of those words that, after I typed it out, I was like — do I even know what that means? And then I looked it up. Hope you're doing well!


Anne, I forgot to respond to the other part of your comment. I've definitely gotten some practice notes from The Perfumers Apprentice. They're decent, and fairly cheap, and it was through them that I got a whiff of synthetic castoreum and civet — both of which the perfumista needs to smell at least once. Iso E Super, Aldehydes, etc. But there are curated, high-end ones (particularly "Les Coulisses du Parfum" from Osmoz) that I truly covet. http://www.osmoz.com/Smell


Can't say I know anything about any of these recent ones. But LOOK AT THESE PICTURES! Civet seems totally right for her.


Woohoo! Fete sounds like a "swooner", my favorite kind of perfume.
A party, if it's to be a good party, needs a little funk!


Something tells me you would like it, JoanElaine!


Oops, no, I did not recognise Sophia Loren. Dumb me. Such an amazing beauty. I'm going to give some serious thought to what's on offer at The Perfumer's Apprentice. Thanks for mentioning it.


I think we are psychic friends. I was JUST now, literally seconds before I got this, looking on their website.

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I absolutely adore this scent and have for so many years now. It smells just as delicious in EdT as it does in the extrait. A little bit lighter but just as rich. So nice to know I am not the only one who swoons when smelling this elixir of the heavens.


Swoon is right, Gabrielle. It's so gorgeous!


Would anyone be interested in buying this perfume?
I have a unopened bottle with all presentation case etc


It's my mother's favourite perfume and she finished her last bottle some 10 years ago. I will make her a surprise for her birthday and get one from Ebay :)


Lana, Thats so wonderful! Theyre usually quite pricey, but heres a link to one that looks reasonable! http://www.ebay.com/itm/FETE-DE-MOLYNEUX-1-OZ-Perfume-30-ML-PARFUM-Extrait-NEW-NWOB-Vintage-RARE-/271258652274?pt=fragrancehash=item3f28468e72

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