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June 21, 2011



Jean Nate seems to be part of the fragrance memory of many north Americans, but I have never seen it or heard it mentioned in Australia. Maybe it has never been sold here: I had not heard of it until I saw it reviewed on NST a while back. I got the impression it is similar to 4711, in the sense of being an easy wearing summer cologne. Is Jean Nate short-lived, like 4711? It sounds from your description more complex and perfumey. And I wonder if it was named after a real person?


Jean Nate and 4711 remind me of my childhood (although I have not sampled either in over 30 years) as they were both ubiquitous scents in my house worn by my parents and relatives. I do not remember Jean Nate as a spray cologne but rather as in an all over body splash or bath oil formula. Jean Nate, like 4711 does not last long on the body. In fact, to answer Anne's question, the body splash was very popular as a summer scent for one could literally "bathe" in it several times a day, just like 4711. 4711 was very popular in Europe in the 60s and 70s but just like Jean Nate the younger population refuses to wear it now because it is viewed as an "old smell"- not to me-I remember both as citrusy-fresh and refreshing: perfect for a hot summer day! A review on 4711 would actually be lovely...(Hint,hint)


Hi Anne, long time no speak! Interesting that Jean Naté wasnt marketed to Aussies. Its very much a part of my childhood memories, especially the commercials on TV. As soon as I smelled the cologne spray, I remembered it from the splash bottle. Ive smelled the newer version of 4711, and from what I remember, its sharper and less warm than Jean Nate is in the dry down. Not sure if it was named after a real person...In any case, a very nice summer scent, and cheap! I havent tried the current version, but I imagine its not as interesting as the vintage.


I have 4711 lying around somewhere, brigitte...perhaps I will review! So many perfumes, so little time...
As for the Jean Naté body splash, what a brilliant marketing move. Get your consumers to literally pour your stuff down the drain so that they can buy more! (The splash isn't as interesting as the cologne spray, but it is lighter.)


I applied some Jean Nate at the drugstore today and within a few minutes it dried down to smell just like Obsession. Very similar if not identical...How strange.


I haven't tried the new Jean Nate, RK, but the vintage stuff I reviewed had a wonderful woody, musky and powdery base (cedar, tonka, musk, sandalwood?). Maybe the new stuff has it, too, because that sounds like Obsessions warm base. Did you like it?


I remember this fragrance from my Grandmother. She had the powder puff and bottle in her bathroom. For some reason this fragrance reminds me of a fresh clean lemony scent that I relate to my visits with her. I haven't seen it in years but its probably one of the first I have smelled. Oddly enough I can still recall its smell.

Detlev Gottaut

In retrospection things often appear more attractive as they really have been - but there's still an impressive smell in my mind that I cannot fade out.

It's - or better has been - the men's body splash-on "Jean Nate" from "Charles of the Ritz".

Must have been in the early eighties. Since then, and for many years, I've tried to get it again but it is still no longer available.

Due to my abilites I recreate a facsimile of the design as it has been available in Germany:

As far as I remember the german manufacturer has been "von Heiden" (Kehlheim, Bavaria, Germany).

Lately I bought an "Jean Nate - After Bath Splash-on" but it is not the same fragrance.

Can anybody give me further information?

Has the "splash-on for men" been a special creation for the german market? Was it a unisex parfum or in fact espacially for men? Is it still available (in the original compostion)?

If it is out of production, is there any chance to get the original formula?

Yours sincerely - Detlev Gottaut
(Beg your pardon if my English is'nt quite well)

Gwen Luty Estelle

I was introduced to Jean Nate as a freshman at Boston University in 1958. I loved it then, and still do today.

It smells so lively and fresh--not staid or old. Have you ever been next to, or even near, someone who has poured on the perfume? Give me light, Jean Nate, anytime, in addition to a well showered body.

sandra baker

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My wish is that Jean Nate's Soft Musk body splash
would make a comeback. The best scent ever.

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