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March 26, 2011



Lovely poster, as you say! Mmm, this sounds like one of the beloved old Patous... but I notice someone on Makeup alley likens the dry down to Lutens Daim Blond?! (which I like, but wouldn't have conjured up from the notes). Will keep an eye out for this on ebay, but alas I don't think there'll be any up for grabs in the UK. Thanks for another very interesting post! - Emma


Hi Emma,

Hmm. I'll have to check out Daim Blond again and get back to you. Intoxication is lovely, and quite modern, even though initially it comes across as vintage. It definitely has a niche quality to it. It's cheeky without being trashy...

Tommie Jean Roosmann

Barbara, I finally was able to get the post on Intoxication. More memories! Thanks TJR

resep kue basah praktis

looks greats

Faye Blackmon

I found a box of Parfum De Toilette INTOXICATION D'Orsay Paris samples. The little boxes have "Not for Sale" 8000 on the back of the box. The original bottle is pictured on the front of the box but the little bottle on the inside is just a small little rectangular bottle. They must be very old since the perfume fragrance lingers on but the bottles are dry with some residue left on the inside. Any information you might have about this would be very welcome. Faye

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