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October 25, 2010


Vintage Lady

Every time I smelled Cinnabar for the first notes, I didn't like. They seemed to me too sour but then.. after a few moments and more than this, the base notes left a wonderful smell on my skin. it is a perfume I like but only on rare occasions.

Estee Lauder Review

Do they still sell it? I've never seen it in stores.


I can't remember the last time I saw it at a beauty counter, ELR, but I know they're still selling it on discount perfume sites, etc.


When I worked for Lauder about 7 years ago we used to keep the older Lauder fragrances hidden away at the counter, but we still sold them...you would also see the Cinnabar gift sets at Christmas. However, I did work at one of the more "affluent" Dillard's in Dallas, so I am unsure if other Dillard's carried the older scents at all. I would try Dillard's in your area if you are looking for these fragrances. Dillards.com sells Cinnabar and older Lauder scents as well.


Thanks Shelley! Good to know. Im sure there are Cinnabar lovers out there who will be happy to get this info...


Do the bottles still look the same?

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