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September 28, 2010


Angela Cox

I laughed at your mention of the actress who plays Joan in Mad Men . I saw her first time two weeks ago and was horrified ,a living Barbie or a Playboy bunny with a dress pulled over her costume.
The perfumes of the 1980s can be as horrifying and sickly ,oh so sickly. The bottle is lovely ,as you say but this perfume is as subtle as Thatcher's politics.


"As subtle as Thatcher's politics" is an amazing perfume critique, Angela. I like some 80s scent bombs, but this one baffled me.


I don't have a perfume sweet tooth either, so I'm not tempted to try Boucheron, tho' I'm glad to learn about it. In the spirit of Trying New Things and Being Open to New Experiences, I recently acquired a few sweet fragrances, just minis, including Organza and Tocade. Both are highly regarded but I don;t love them. Miss Dior Cherie just about sends me into cardiac arrest.

I guess what perfume criticism has done in the last few years is advanced the idea that something can be GOOD even if you don't like it yourself. It's the same principle as applies to criticism of books, music, wine, movies etc. Something can be judged outside the (perhaps rather narrow) frame of one person's individual taste and experience.


Hi Anne. There are some slightly sweet fragrances I like, but Boucheron is not one of them. It's just wearing those shoulder pads a little too prominently! I've never tried Organza, but I have Tocade and will review it at some point. (I got it because Turin and Sanchez praised it so highly.) My first impression a while back is that it was too synthetic smelling, but I'm definitely going to give it another shot. As with people (or books, or food, etc.) I kind of have a type, but I am Open to New Experiences, too, and sometimes the thing I thought I wouldn't like (hint: my upcoming review of Must de Cartier) ends up expanding what I thought I could like. That's always nice — to like something new.

VanessaAnn Chassion

I was given a gold Boucheron by Boucheron 1988 and holds a 2.5 fl. oz. or 75 ml. refill and I cannot find it anywhere. HELP???

Thank You,


If anyone knows where I can buy a refill please email me:

[email protected] or [email protected]


Hi VannessaAnn, I wonder if you shouldn't just buy Boucheron in the bottle and pour it in? I know this is very simplistic advice but as you no doubt know, it's always on (fl)e(a)Bay!


Love boucheron .... im going to try the perfume!


I like Boucheron. [easy part : feeling]
Why do I like it ? [hard part : explanation]
It manages to smell good as if natural while openly being artificial too.
The sillage diffuses a nice jasmine note, quite pure. The kind of ink-like jasmine akin to Sarrasins (Lutens). It's better to let this jasmine note reach your nose instead of bending too it, because it's like a one-chord jasmine artificial one, so one's nose get accustomed (anosmic) to it quite fast.
It smells rich, opulent, nice, but not so oppressing, still refined. I wouldn't say it stays long and balanced : maybe if sprayed on fabric (recommended).
I would describe the main accord as : jasmin up top, then raisin-like-(prunol) note mixed to bergamotte, then dusty tonka powderiness, and an amber base.
The fragrance, as you depicted it, is quite a female 3rd gender, maybe because of the tonka that gives "balls" to the fragrance, and something mysterious, because for me it's quite directly pretty but I can't really why or what it recalls, and it holds many paradox and strates.


Julien: Thanks for your thoughts on Boucheron. Sweet, fruity scents are hard for me, and I couldn't get past the synthetic aspect of Boucheron. But I love your description "jasmin up top, then raisin-like-(prunol) note mixed to bergamotte, then dusty tonka powderiness, and an amber base" as well as your description of it as smelling natural while being openly artificial. That is indeed a paradox!

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