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August 23, 2010



really just Bulgari Black


I'm hoping to celebrate my birthday this October in a cloud of Frederic Malle's Bois d'Orage ... which also means I'm hoping that someone buys it for me for my birthday. (Not that I'm hinting or anything.)

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, dear friend, no matter what you decide to wear! (Though Bandit is an excellent choice.)


Happy Birthday to you! I wear vintage Emeraude parfum on my birthday (I am a Taurus, after all). Or any really green, earthy scent--maybe Jovan Oriental Flowers or some rockin' patchouli oil! I love Bandit, too. All the best to you!

Angela Cox

Happy birthady for yesterday. I would wear Une Rose each and every year.


Hi all, interesting choices! And thanks for the birthday wishes. :)


Hope your birthday was fun! Your plans sounded great. My birthday is in January, and I think I'll wear L'Heure Bleue.

I'm a Bandit lover too. Funny, I don't find this a "difficult" fragrance. It may start off sharp, but on me there is a long-lasting tuberose middle note that softens it and makes it a very feminine scent. Like a Persian kitty, she may have claws, but she's very soft and soon settles down to purr!


Hi Patty,

L'Heure Bleue is so beautiful and romantic and sounds perfect for a January birthday. Interesting comment about Bandit being like a kitty-cat. I love cats and love the idea that Bandit starts off prickly, with its claws out, and then settles down to purr. That's a great image. Thanks for stopping by!

Lucy Raubertas

Happy Birthday! I just had one on the 19th, and Leah on the 20th...
I wore my prize Tauer Elle pour Maroc, it's a good summer fragrance.


Happy belated birthday, Lucy. I don't know Elle Pour Maroc but it sounds intriguing. Wonder what Leah wore? I bet Leos wear more perfume than most other signs...


Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed your Bandit (which skeers me, to be honest).

I love to wear either vintage Emeraude or PdN Vanille Tonka on my January birthday. Emeraude is so cashmere-soft, and VT is my no-fail Winter Happy Scent. If you're not familiar with VT, it's not particularly vanilla-y, more lime-spice-carnation-tonka-frankincense, and has a giggly, Dr. Pepper-and-rum sort of fizz. I love it.


Oh, and I think Lucy was referring to Le Maroc Pour Elle - which is a fantastic orange-rose-incense-amber cocktail.


Hi Mals, glad you can appreciate that about Bandit. I love it, but it skeeers me too! :) You're the second January birthday to comment! I don't know VT, but vintage Emeraude is amazing. "Cashmere-soft" is a good way to put it...


Happy birthday! How about one launched on your birth year? That might be fun. I'm not THIS old, but I'd select Chanel Cuir de Russie for my winter birthday.


Hi Cheryl! Thanks for the birthday wish. A lady isn't supposed to reveal her age — but I'm no lady. ;) So I'd say of the beautiful fragrances I've reviewed that came out in 1969 (go, Generation X!) I'd have to choose Azuree. That one is complex, sexy and unusual.


Happy belated birthday!

Oh, goodie, if we're looking to signs for inspiration, I get three from the sun Zodiac (I am a Gemini/Cancer cusp), an oak from the moon/celtic Zodiac, and a Dragon from the Chinese.

Which might explain why I would be pondering choices ranging from vintage Jolie Madame to Amouage Epic to Chanel No.19. With an iris chasing them all down.

This one is interesting for me, as my anniversary is two days later, and I tend to think of each (very separately, but with an awareness of the other) when picking. Hence, Amouage might get moved to the anniversary, as it is about togetherness, whereas No.19 is a pretty good expression of me the individual.

I'm still not solid on scotch, but there's plenty of Irish whiskey to toast to your health and make me happy. I'd pair mine with a dense cake. We'd get along famously. :)


Wow, ScentScelf — you really thought this one through! You're a cusp, too, and a Dragon. (Dragons and Roosters are supposed to get along famously.) I'm with you on Chanel No. 19. That is an individualistic perfume, and it would be perfect for your birthday if that's what you wanted to emphasize. Here's to raising a virtual glass of Scotch to your glass of Irish Whisky! Cheers!


Laughing...also generation X....I think the mid 60's saw some interesting perfume come out!


A belated Happy Birthday! I have not been keeping up, but now that I am here, I am learning soooooo much as usual. I hope you had a great day and that all is going well. xx


Thanks, Heather! Ill send you an email soon and we can catch up. :)

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