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August 30, 2010



Oh, lucky you! I have a fascination with the "disappeared" Molyneux scents, I hope I get that lucky one day!

I adore Quartz, or at least I did - I understand that the reworked "Quartz Femme" is a mere shadow of the beloved original, which can still be found if you look around. I want to smell Vivre very badly, because it's supposed to be a fruity Chypre, and I imagine it to be somewhat like Houbigant's Essence Rare, one of my all time faves.


WOWZA. The motherload. I've been trying to get my hands on this one....and worried that it's not all that. But it sounds like all that! This sounds like pure heaven or pure beauty or pure joy or something!!!!


Hi Cheryl. I kind of can't believe I found this little thing just sitting in a corner. Like I said, you hear people talk about that, but when it happens...I think the thing that makes me happiest about this is that a tiny little bottle can hold so much beauty in reserve. I doubt this thing had ever been opened until I opened it. Pretty extraordinary to think so. A bit evaporated (understandable given the 80-odd years it took to get to me!) but it was sexy, fun, and compelling. I wish I could share it, but I have so little. Maybe a decant from TPC? Or someone who's lucky enough to have a huge bottle?And there's always eBay...;)


I've said it before, Flora, and I'll say it again. So many perfumes, so little time! Now I'm on a search for Molyneux fragrances AND Houbigant? Sigh...


Goodness, lucky you! Still, I don't think that finds like this - and I've gritted my teeth plenty of times at stories like this - are just a matter of luck. It's also about persistence and curiosity, and willingness to poke that little bit deeper. So well done you!

I've had two lucky vintage finds: a few mls of Shalimar EDC in one of the round bottles with the pointy stopper ($6); and about 5 mls of vintage Miss Dior in one of those old 10 ml minis (.50c). Both times, when I've opened them up for the first time, they did smell - frankly - rather awful. Of course I expected that and knew to wait a few minutes for them to settle, and both turned out to be beautiful in the end. But the funny thing is that as I've kept using them, that alarming stewed nail polish smell that I got the first time seems to have lessened. Sometimes I wonder if there was a build up of gas inside the empty bit of the bottle, which was released when I first opened them. After all, it could have been years, in both cases, since they were opened. Or maybe I'm just imagining it? How have you found your Numero Cinq?

Anyway, thanks for the post.


Coucou ! Pas trop le temps de te lire mais merci aussi.


Hi Anne! Numero Cinq is amazing. It makes Tabu seem timid! I definitely want to have more of that kind of luck. :)


Yes...I know...one day...I will fall upon some treasure such as this. It's interesting re other comments here on the off-smells when you get these oldies. I am always pondering did they intend this back in the day?...thick rank powder?.....and sometimes it metamorphisizes into a beauty...or a difficult beauty..and sometimes stays like an icky cloak of uck.


Hi Cheryl. The reason why the top notes often smell off in vintage is because theyre the most volatile, lightest notes and most susceptible to damage over time due to heat and light, etc. But as long as the perfume is relatively intact (and my Cinq was) the rest should unfold gorgeously.

Corrine Bailey

there is a perfect bottle for sale still in the wrapper on ebay now. Ends on January 26th. Opening bid is £99. Would you consider this good value?
item number 290524207888


Hi Corrine,

I checked the ad, and I wrote to the seller asking them to remove my review from their auction. I hate it when people use those reviews without asking me!! Aaargh!

As for whether or not the bottle is worth it — it really depends. Have you smelled the original? Do you even like it? Maybe get a decant from the Perfumed Court before you decide. Also, who knows if it's authentic? You'd be taking a risk if this isn't a seller with a good reputation. That's an awful lot of money. If it's authentic, still smells great, and you like it and have the money, yes, it's worth it. Only you can decide! Good luck, and maybe shop around some more... I would.

Lynn Allan

I have from my late mother a very large fluted bottle of Eau de Cologne Le Numero Cinq Molyneux Paris. It is full and the glass stopper is wax and string sealed. The cut glass bottle is 3" diameter and 7" tall. How do you put a value on this and who are the likely purchasers?


If anyone still is reading here: Just yesterday, I found a half full bottle of Le Numero Cinq. It is a smallish bottle, in the original box. The box is marked "400" (ml, perhaps?).

The box, packing material (sort of cottony) are all there. The perfume itself is dark, as if it "condensed" over the years. I have not smelled it, as I can't get the stopper out. (There is indeed a little piece of black string around it -- maybe never opened? but it is half empty.)

This was found in the dresser of my great aunt, age 92. She's going into a nursing home. She served as a WAC in WWII, in France. I have a few other items she got there, including another bottle of perfume (Lanvin Scandal) and some scented power (can't read the name). They are in very good condition, having sat at the back of a drawer for something like 70 years.

Oddly, my aunt hates perfume and scent, and is allergic to everything. This was the only perfume or scented item in her possession.

If anyone is reading, I wonder what the value of something like this would be? My email is [email protected].



Hi Laurel, You might be able to get around $100 on eBay, but with that history, I think you should keep it!


I have a box ( 8 Items ) Le Numero Cinq, and the original scent tester, it belonged to my Grandfather Peter Hope Lumley, whose Uncle was Captain Edward Molyneux..

There is some truths about the pact and the shop names but it was always Edwards lucky number, a lot do with this story is about Trade.

Susan C.

Help! I have a Molyneux 4" tall glass bottle, with a glass stopper. The sticker on the bottle is puzzling..... an upside down 5, MOLYNEUX under that and paris, in smaller capital letters,under that. Can anyone tell me about it? I would sure appreciate it! Thanks!!

Judith Judson

Numero 5 de Molyneux does not keep well in the bottle. A bottle I found in Scotland in 1969 was obviously old--it was much less delicate than when my mother wore it in 1949 or 50 (given her by a Frenchman...) This scent is glorious, but so sadly evanescent. A very similar but less delicate and sparkly perfume was Max Factor's Flambeau. (No 5 had a champagne bubbliness when fresh.) I would love to see either one available. But the ultimate sensual perfume was Roche 7--long lasting and stable in the bottle unobtainable now I have one bottle...

case mcfarland

I have a very tiny unopened full bottle of MOLYNEUX LE NUMERO CINQ. I WILL START THE BID AT 100$


I have an empty Molyneux bottle with an upside down 5 on the label. Any ideas? I see Numero Cinq is spelled out.

Jennifer logan

The Chanel story is fable, it was the address of the Molyneux salon in Rue Royale. This is one of my favorite perfumes, way too subtle for todays market.

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