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August 28, 2010


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1960 to 1970 is classic time of fashion and everything including perfume! love this feel!


I discovered this fragrance in a discount perfume store in Manhattan "many moons" ago. Given that I wore it frequently in high school it did not evoke "soapy", "powdery" or "old womanly" to me at all! Rather, the most predominant note for me was violet. I have always been intrigued by the scent of violets and in the early 80s there were no current scents (to my knowledge) that allowed violet to be at the forefront. Not sure why the scent of violet is considered nostalgic or melancholic for in my mind it is as fresh as a spring day.


I do firmly think Edith Piaf really does deserve much more than a fragrance's dedication, indeed! That recording (amateur, then gorgeous) tape excerpted from YouTube means something higher than any scent or glamorous perfume mentioned above. When an artist has deeply suffered and given as the whole existence as Piaf did, just reducing her identity to a "reference product" seems to me fairly insulting, inappropriate, at least.
Read about Edith Piaf's life and tell me about.


Gio, I'm not sure how including "Je Ne Regrette Rien" into a review of a beautiful, classic French perfume diminishes Edith Piaf. An artist created Le Dix and included a melancholy violet note whose connotations made me think of her. Like Piaf, Le Dix is feminine, vulnerable and yet fierce.

Patricia/Vancouver, British Columbia

I received this wonderful scent as a gift from a friend who purchased it in Paris while on a business trip.
I was instantly in love with it and have cherished it ever since.
Unfortunately the parent company decided to discontinue manufacture some time ago and it is now getting very difficult to find.
Even the online discontinued perfume sellers seem unable to provide it any longer.
It's a tragedy and shame that not only will I no longer be able to enjoy this exquisite scent but those who have not yet been introduced to it will never know the pleasure one experiences when putting it on for the first time.


Trust, me Patricia, I feel your pain, but a quick visit to eBay showed me there's a lot of good-looking Le Dix perfume to be had there. Check it out! If the color looks good, it has a box, the seller has a decent reputation, and the price is right...go for it!

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