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April 25, 2010



These ads are so cool. Thanks for doing this. I don't want to get all dewy and nostalgic, and from a feminist perspective I'm glad I'm alive now and not in the 1940s, but surely there is more artistry in these than in today's photo-shopped efforts? Recently I noticed a new series of ads for Opium, which appears to have been re-packaged. A be-jewelled, heavily made up and scantily clad model sits with her legs apart holding a up huge bottle of Opium. She looking as if as soon as you take your eyes off her she will drink it. Cliche upon cliche. Sorry, I must be in a grumpy mood.


Anne, I'm so glad you're enjoying these ads! I'll keep posting the many I found. You're absolutely right — there's so much artistry there, suggesting that perfume is, in part, about beauty, art, creativity and not just the promise of sex. (Although that is there too!) Stay tuned for more!

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