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March 12, 2010


Kristy Victoria

Did you see the handcuff bottle for KONVICT? Hilarious!



Wow, Kristy. I'm still waiting to hear that this was a joke from the Onion!


O god, I love the guns!


My grandmother had that Avon cologne in the gun bottle: she gave it to her nephew, and when he'd worn most of it, he gave her the bottle back and she kept it with her "interesting bottle" collection. When she died the collection numbered 61 bottles of all different shapes/sizes/purposes.

(Yeeaaah, she really was that nuts. I mean, she was great, but she was nuts.)


I hope you inherited that collection, Mals86. And clearly some of her nutty love for perfume rubbed off on you!


Love that Fragile bottle...and I'm not even sure I understand why! ;)

Alex Galletti

I'm a bit confused, how does that work? Is it a spray type or something? But its coating protective is so great that it still in good condition till now.

jasmen caralos


I was hoping you could help us with some information. There is a perfume bottle that is for sale and is titled 1924 Lalique Andre Jollivet Jean de Parys Vague d'Or perfume bottle. We put the link below. It is in a auction and we were wondering if you had any information about this piece? The price is already out of our price range but do love it. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You

Jasmen Caralos


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