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January 27, 2010



(Ooh, you just posted this! I'm avoiding the State of the Union address...)

That little coffret of mini parfums arrived today, and I sniffed several - the topnotes seem to have all gone sour, but I think they're still good under that layer.

One of them is Fidji, which I've never smelled before, but which has called to me ever since I saw its notes listed somewhere. I'm hoping it is All That, and will report back later.

Thanks for the look at your childhood. How sweet of your dad! I have only visited Hawaii briefly (5 days), but the few modern scents I've smelled that reminded me of it were OJ Frangipani, Maoli Colonia Dulce, and to a lesser degree, Amaranthine.


How wonderful - one of my own first perfume memories was a little container of Hawaiian perfume vials sent by a relative - I can still remember how wonderful they were, Pikake and White Ginger and Plumeria, and to this day I adore tropical white florals.

I did love that old Fidji, though the carnation did not seem very "tropical" to me, it was great stuff. Too bad it's been cheapened now.

lady jicky

I have always loved this ad - so dangerous and yet exotic . I have to say that is one sexy bottle too.

Kristy Victoria

Where do you get all of these great vintage scents? I love vintage but they are so tough to find.

Have you tried Les Nez Manoumalia? That, to me, is like wading into the shore of a Hawaiian beach! Very different from Fidji though.


Mals 86,

 I was listening to the State of the Union address while
writing about Fidji. (Does that constitute being in denial about the state of
the union? Probably! ;)) Kudos to you on scoring a coffret. I have a couple of
them, and they’re wonderful ways to get initiated into a lot of scents of a
particular era. You should try
vintage Fidji; it’s good stuff. Thanks for the modern recommendations — Amaranthine
is such a gorgeous name.


Flora,You’re right about the notes in Fidji, they’re not obviously
tropical and yet…



 I get vintage from a variety of places — reputable sellers
on eBay (people with good ratings), The Miniature Perfume Shoppe, and other
sites online. It often starts with them, or I’ll just google “vintage X”
and see what comes up. I’ve gotten duds, but mostly been thrilled.  I haven’t tried Manoumalia, but thanks for
the suggestion! I still try to keep up with the modern world, too. :)


Lady Jicky — that ad takes me back. I always loved the

lady jicky

Don't forget the cymbidium orchid and the Asian ladies wonderful shaped lips!
Wish I had lips like that! This ad was before fillers too! LOL

Sian Carpenter

Where would I be able to get the original formulation of Fidji. I have such lovely memories of it and the new formulation defintely doesn't have the magic of the original.



Just look up vintage Fidji on eBay, Sian. Here's an example of what it should look like: http://tinyurl.com/2flztd

The juice should be amber-colored and not the pale yellow color of the reformulation. Good luck!


Just got a smidgen of Fidji, vintage uncertain, from a basenotes friend. The top shares a lot with my beloved Weil de Weil; the base is more spice than leather. Curiosity satisfied. Since I have about four ounces of the Weil de Weil PdT, I'm set for galbanum-laced hyacinth infused greenies.


Hello. I sent you an email I would like to order some perfumes is that possible?

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