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December 24, 2009


olen holm



I use to wear Inoui until they stop selling it in Cincinnati.....trying to find it as a reasonable price. When I wore it, men would stop me and ask "what are you wearing?" It is for me.., my signature. Hope that I can find it again.


Dorothy, I hope you can, too! I can't imagine having a signature scent that becomes close to impossible to find. Keep looking on eBay; it's bound to show up.


Oh my, I haven't thought about this fragrance in ages, but when I was in my early 20's, it was my absolute favourite perfume. I remember a "shopping" trip I made with a friend--we drove over the border to go into New York state because the department stores there had special promotion gifts they gave away with purchase that we didn't have in Canada at the time, and you could save a lot of money on the exchange rate back then. I held my breath when the border guard pulled my brand new bottle out of my "makeup case" during inspection! I did not want to lose that bottle! It smelled like nothing else and I wish I hadn't been so sure it would be around forever. I sure do miss it.

I miss the original Zen by Shiseido, too--the "new" Zen is not worth trying out, in my opinion; it's almost turned me off the Shiseido counter all together. But they do manage to bring some back around Christmas time in one of the department stores around here. They sell it out almost immediately, every year. I wish Shiseido paid more attention to that.


Such an intense green scent. I love it, too Aurumgirl. Have you tried Murasaki? I'm trying to get my hands on that, too...


I did try it, and I remember really loving that scent too. My mother was a Shiseido addict--she used their skincare lines exclusively for decades and whenever she saw a department store ad offering her products with a "Bonus!" we had to drop everything and go out and get some. She accumulated many of their little spray sample bottles of Zen and a few of Murasaki (I remember that it meant "Royal Purple"--a gorgeous scent that was a bit too sophisticated for a teenager like me, though I did risk wearing it now and then). I'm having a little "flood" of those memories now--I really haven't thought about these things for years. Those little Bonus sized atomizers, usually of Zen--I wish I still had them! Good luck on your search for Murasaki.


Inoui brings back memories for me...My all time favorite perfume and cried a lot when it was discontinued...I wish somtehing similar would come out, it had a fresh smell..one of a kind.

Sheila Engler

Are they ever going to bring back this fragrance??I loved it!!!! Or can you still get it anywhere?? Please bring it back!

Merrilyn Brown

Inoui is my all time favorite fragrance, i bought my first bottle 28 years ago and still have the original bottle with a tiny little bit left, i dont use it but from time to time go and smell it,the love of Inoui got me into working with fragrance and there are similar fragrances out there,the one that i found was very close is Burberry London(round bottle)there are a few more close to Inoui so let me know if you want more names, they say with fragrance, memories!!!


Thanks for the suggestion of the modern Inoui, Merrilyn, Id love to try it! Also, Inoui is on eBay if you want to splurge. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Inoui-EDP-Eau-De-Parfum-2-0-OZ-pure-Mist-Spray-Shiseido-Vintage-/390861425455?pt=fragrancehash=item5b01280b2f

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