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December 16, 2009



Gosh, I"m really following in your tracks these days, searched around for notes about this 70's classic (in my memory at least) and there you were! We'll talk this week about our Project! Happy happy new year (in a new place!)


I'm glad you're coming back! Make sure to double-check the notes for this — I've just modified them. I finally got my Haarman Reimer Perfume Guide which lists notes as accurately as you'll find them. The additions? Orris and oakmoss. 


Hmmmmmmm, I think I can snag a bit of this, it's embarrassingly intriguing to want to smell like Lolita or one of her sisters over 50, eh what? It's you writing, or perhaps your nose, that compels me so! We'll compare "notes!"


You're spot on about the young smell.. it reminds me of wearing cotton concert t-shirts in or eyelet sundresses in summer ~ 9th grade-ish...

..the skin-sweat-cotton-warmth. yes. it's an underrated perfume.


K, Skin-sweat-cotton-warmth is a great shorthand description of Calandre. Thanks for the comment! It's such a delicate little scent to me. When I hear people say it smells like metal, etc., well, perhaps there's something slightly metallic about it. But there's something slightly metallic about sweat, too...


So true about the metal... in warm weather, my children sometimes smell like a handful of coins(mostly pennies...copper-y.)

I agree Calandre captures that borderline young adult scent amazingly. I've been a scent nut all of my life so I clearly remember that stage. Thanks for bringing it all to the conscious level for me. I'm going to take a break from my Chanel no. 19 and Bandit to revisit Calandre. lol!

Did you review the EDT or the perfume? I've only tried the Edt so far.

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