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October 29, 2009


Chi Nguyen

Ah, I wish I could try the original version!
This new version that I own still smells really nice, but it's sweeter in the dry down and it's very sheer and soft, maybe way too soft compared to the top notes, which totally makes the fragrance less mysterious as I imagine it should be.
Overall it's still one of my favorite fragrances :)


The new version by Serge Lutens cannot be compared to the original one! I´ve been told, that the new EDP is made with natural oils, but it´s only a shadow of what it used to be so called synthetic! It doesn´t last that much and has not that rich smell. When i spray an old formula by shiseido i go crazy and can´t stop sniffing my wrists. it asts and lasts. Now the new formula by Lutens is quickly dissapearing. I am very dissapointed and try to find a bottle of original one on ebay, but there are only a couple of them left. Don´t know what i will do when they all will be sold out :((


Hi Linda,

I have the vintage FdB (this review is based on it) and I've smelled the new Serge Lutens FdB. The new one is nice, but you're right, it's not as dark, rich and dirty as the old one. The ingredients are high quality (I mean, it's SL) but it just didn't smell as "rich," as you describe it. Vintage FdB is still pretty readily available on eBay, so stock up!


I own the parfum version, intense. The newer version is watery and ultra sweet compared to the original. I also own the body cream and it is very similar to the parfum. Its still around if you search Shiseido counters, usually hidden on a back shelf.


If my memory serves me right, the vintage version was less sweet. In the new version, I smell too much cinnamon. I owned a few bottles back then in the 90-ies but I don't feel tempted to buy the new version, unfortunately.


The new version of SL, is the way "lutenesque" with a background of mellow fruity syrup .. Shame! I tried vintage Dior "Dolce Vita" and is less sweet and even better, something incredible feminite du bois was my signature scent and dolce vita seemed tremendously sweet. Now if I take a little vintage Dolce Vita cedar, cinnamon, fruits remind me much more the original FDB. To replace that I prefer vintage beauty or DV, lots, or fresher Bois de Violette, at least do not have that as sweetlutenes syrup.

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