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September 25, 2009



Oh no! Please change that to "grey amber." Ambergris means grey amber. Gris means grey. I don't want to spend the rest of my life associating it with grease, particularly as the actual stuff isn't greasy.


Ha, H. I got rid of the "grease" part just for you. I know that "gris" means grey, but the Houbigant stuff really is quite an oil slick, and I liked the almost-pun. I wonder what ambergris, before it's used in perfume, really feels like. Have you touched it? I'd be curious to know...

carole fallon

I adored the Alyssha Ashley Civet Oil, and have been searching for it fruitlessly for about....30 years! I will check TPC and thank you for remembering this unusual line!


Carole, I think a few people make reproductions of the Civet oil. I'd look around online. Good luck! Or keep searching eBay. I bet it will crop up...

Lisa Brewer

Hello Yesterday's Perfume! What an exciting find.
Desparately want to get my hands on the Ambergris - how to do?


Hi Lisa: ThePerfumedCourt.com!


In the 70's I wore a Civet Oil perfume that came in a spray bottle that was clear glass with black on it. It was a large bottle. I thought it might be Coty, but I am not at all certain. Anyone know of this or where I can find out?


30 some years ago, I was hooked on "Ambergis" by Houbigant. When I would wear it, I always was complemented because it was such a fresh smell. To me it smelled like Zest soap use to. It was in a vial bottle with a twist top conected to a dipper stick (for lack of official name) and you would put on pulse points. Sold at Sears and came in a white box with black lettering......I wish....

Kathy Wester

I have been searching for Ambergris and civet for some time .I Used the sprays. My mother used to steal my perfume. She recently passed away and found some of her bottles or should say my bottles.I would love to find both fragrances for memories are brought back with just a scent

Donna Terkildsen

I Have been searching for over 35 years to get Ambergris by Houbigant. My little oil bottle is still half full, since I only use it on my Anniversary month of October. I wore this fragrance on my wedding day and open it periodically to bring me back to that day! If anyone knows how I could purchase more from this company, I would be so happy! I did purchase Ambergris oil from a store in Nantucket, 2 years ago, but not the same....

vicki todd

Ihave been looking for ambergris oil for a lot of years how do i get it


Vicki - eBay sometimes has it, but it's very expensive. You can also order samples on some decant sites like The Perfumed Court and Surrender to Chance. Good luck!

Lori Sparks

Hello! About 35 yrs. ago my mom had a perfume/fragrance that was in a small black compact type container with a male and female symbol on it. It was an oil/Vaseline like consistency and smelled incredible! I THINK it was musk? My mom is very sick so, if it is still available, I would love to surprise her with it! Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is it one of the oils mentioned above? My aunt seems to believe it was made by Alyssa Ashley as well. Any help will be so appreciated!!


Hi Lori,

Thats Alyssa Ashleys Musk Oil. Heres a vintage version: http://www.quirkyfinds.com/vintage-fragrances/perfumes-m-o/houbigant-alyssa-ashley-musk-oil/ Its still available now, but its not quite as nice as the original, which is readily available elsewhere online on ebay and the link I sent you.

Betsy Ivory

I need this scent. I wore it for years until I couldn't get anymore. Please tell me how to get this. Betsy Ivory


Ok ladies my great grandmas passed away and I finally was going through her stuff and found a makeup bag and I found this perfume it is ambergris oil by Alyssa Ashley inc division of houbigant inc New York New York it's .48 fl oz/. 14 ml black bottle with white writing it looks as if it has about 2ml left in the bottle if interested email me [email protected]

Lesley-Ann  Dawson


Do you still have the Alyssa Ashley Ambergris perfume oil for sale?

If so, how much are you asking for it?

Please let me know.

Thank You


Marta M. Vachier

What's is the price of musk, civet and ambergris perfume oils by Houbigant?

Lydia cummings

Please let me no where I can find civet ambergris and musk oil
by alyssa Ashley 8304888240 plz plz plz thanx

Lydia cummimgs

Please would like to to ambergris and civet if u still have can order them is itauthenic

Lydia cummings

If it is authentic please please please


I dont sell

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Bonnie Armstead

I used to wear Jovan ambergris in the 70's! I absolutely loved it! Would love, love to get my hands on it. Does anyone know where I can find it?

Virginia Johnson

Look on GingerScents on Etsy...the Ambergris & Civet are available, authentic. Also the musk

Virginia Johnson

GingerScents on Etsy has it

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