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September 27, 2009



Chypre de Coty was last nights decant frolic, tonight will be woodhue.

In a word: template. As a word, "chypre" has always held me. It's anagram is "cypher", as in a puzzle, a code? Pieces put together it is greater than sum of its parts. I agree that Coty's Chypre is woody, I did a side-by-side sniff with Mitsouko vintage EDT (decant TPC). Coty is outdoors to Mitsy's indoors, marmoreal to her flesh and blood, a rose to her peach, a big picture to her details. It's the missing link that informs me, "so THAT's what I've been smelling all these years," an accord I know best as mom's scarf drawer. Just lovely.


Decant frolic sounds fun, julie! And cypher as an anagram of Chypre is so cool. It does feel like an idea, an accord, a representative of earth and moss and herbs. (I love the anisic/tarragon/licorice note in it.) Radically different from Mitsouko and its whispery chypre dry down. Marmoreal vs. flesh and blood is also interesting as a contrast. There is something, to me, both warm and cold about chypre and Chypre. I think warm because of the earthiness but cold/cool because of the idea of of moss and herbs...


Just got a vintage bottle today. Oh Heaven! This *is* Chypre, the epitome of Chypre. Now hear this, fragrance lovers...Do not allow your vast array of lovliness to hold a void where a bottle of this divine concoction ought to be, and in a place of honor. Swim in it; you will feel like you drank it because it is intoxicating- it is simply splendid. As you should know- it is very nearly extinct, so do try to grab some... you know you are worth it. As for me: How did I love perfume for these many long years without indulging myself.... I'm just so glad I did.



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