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June 14, 2009



Hi again B. I am totally with you on this one. It actually makes me feel a bit ill, which was a huge disappointment as I had heard/read such wonderful things about it, including the Ellena description, and forked out a small fortune on a very old bottle of the parfum. I like the idea of it, I love the name - my favourite of the Dioresques* - and I like all of the old ads for it, so I just wear it in my head.

*I would like to intellectually copyright that. NB Dior, I am open to offers.

Barbara Herman

I love the idea of wearing a fragrance in your head! Is that copyrighted? Otherwise — I'm stealin' it! ;)


Here I am, wearing all of the Poiret Rosine scents in my head, as I'll never have them on my body ; 0

I love the name of this too, as well as the oddball Diorama accoutrements that surface on ebay before you narrow it down. I must say that it grossed me out when I first got my decant of the parfum, but now I DO love it, more than its cousin Femme. It's the darkness that really pulls me in, as I detest most "fruit" Femme rather supports its fruit whereas Diorama really tramples it underfoot. Perhaps that's the nauseating element, almost rotting fruit (which frankly, I prefer! It's certainly an acquired taste for Perfumistas only. No wonder they completely neutered the reformulation!


hmmmm, given my Jones for Mollie Parnis, sounds as if this should be my next Dior purchase—having just scored some vintage Miss Dior.


Mollie's a lot more sunshiney and friendly, julie. But Diorama, as I recall (it's been a while) was rich and plummy and opulent. Who knows, you might love it! I loved Miss Dior over this one...

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