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March 15, 2009


giunta touron sandrine

I'm a french collector of vintage perfume (Ricci Guerlain Matchabelli
Lanvin Dior ) and I enjoy visiting "yesterday 's perfume it's just great !!!!




Thanks for stopping by, Sandrine! Nice to have a French perfumaniac on board. What's your favorite vintage perfume, if such a thing is possible? I LOVE Fille d'Eve, and would like to get my hands on a mini bottle.

giunta touron sandrine

I've a lot of vintage mini perfumes Nina RICCI in my collection and they 're among my favorites ,over all" fille d'Eve" and" cœur joie "
if you want you can visit one of my site:


My favorite fragrance is ARPÈGE even if, it has been revisited (successfully!)I,think it's one of the most beautiful ...
hope to see you soon ...


Hallo ik heb een vraag in 1972 heb ik in Frankrijk parfum van Nina Ricci Sandrine gekocht
Dat vond ik de lekkerste parfum die bestond ik zou zo graag dit luchtje willen hebben kan u er aan komen misschien staan er nog flesjes ergens verborgen of weet u waar ik ze nog kan kopen bedankt ik hoop antwoord op mijn vraag te krijgen

S Zagwijn


Hello, I have never heard of Sandrine by Nina Ricci, and Perfume Intelligence doesnt list it: http://www.perfumeintelligence.co.uk/library/perfume/q/houses/Ricci.htm There is a Sandrine by Cheramy, and theres one for sale on eBay now. GOod luck!

Atty Tude

I am a vintage scent fanatic (and I use the term 'fanatic' in the most serious sense). My mother used to wear Fille d'Eve. The original one, not the reformulated one. That was way back in the 60s. It was heavenly. Truly heavenly. I close my eyes and I can still smell it.

I can't speak for the new version. I haven't "had the pleasure." Though I doubt it would be a pleasure as I abhor and lament the "reformulation" scam perfume manufacturers indulge in these days with one excuse or another. A real crime, I call it.

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