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January 13, 2009



I recently received 3 bottles of vintage L’Origan from Ebay. I smells glorious. One squirt lasts forever and develops into even more long lasting loveliness and anonymity. I have to agree that “it does not smell of this age.” (a wonderful thing). It is sumptuous, sensual, and very Je ne sais quoi. I had 3 compliments the first day I wore it and was asked what I was wearing. As opposed to say, Angel which I was wearing a few days earlier at the pharmacy, and the cashier asked if I was wearing Angel. (damn I hate to get busted on my perfume) …I do like Angel, but with L’Origan, or any of my hard to find vintages,… I love it that nobody recognizes it and wonders what it is. Of course, when someone wants to know where I got it, I have to go into the fact that it’s vintage and really hard to find the real thing- and with that being said- an old vintage isn’t always good. If it has turned, it’s really gawd awful- any perfume that had turned is a crying shame. Now with all that being said; I highly recommend this lovely floral Oriental fragrance- it is an asset to any perfume lovers wardrobe!


It's been a while since I smelled L'Origan, Cathlyn, but I do remember it was velvety and wonderful. What prompted you to buy 3 of them? Perfume lust? (Hey, I'm no stranger to that.) And yes, there was a time when Angel could turn heads. Hell, I started wearing it because a beautiful girl I knew smelled amazing in it and I'd never heard of it before, but alas, it's going to be another century before it is not immediately recognizable by every Tom, Dick and Harry.


Well the L’Origan was in a lot of 3. Each squirt bottle is 1.8 oz. I emailed the seller and she promised that it smelled as good as I remembered. I’ve bought from her before and she has a 100% money back guarantee, so I couldn‘t go wrong. It amazed me at how good it is, and it stays on forever. Indeed it is perfume lust (God, someone should put me in rehab or something, I just can’t quit!) Hi, my name is Cathlyn and I’m an addict hahaha. As far as the Angel, I bought mine for the same reason you did, and it does smell good… but I put it in it’s box and retired it for a while. Yes, I did.
Oh, I forgot to make mention that the sillage from L’Origan is absolutely splendid and divine. I do believe I was being followed in the store...


Please, oh please tell me where to buy L'Origan from. I've looked thru so many perfumes that claim that they are Coty L'Origan, but the bottles look all different and the price for some is less than $10.00.

Can somebody please share a link with me so I know at least how the real thing should look like. Please.


where can I buy it


where can I purchase it

Alicia Jimenez

Is L'origan not sold in stores anymore?

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