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November 08, 2008


Karen Fleming

I LOVED the original Vent Vert. I loved it so much I still have the empty bottle that I purchased sometime around 1967. In the past few years, I tried to buy it once again but found, much to my dismay, that the scent had been reformulated. Most likely to substitute cheaper synthetic constituents for the original natural ones. It was just not the same - the nose knows! Oh, how I miss my Vent Vert...


Karen, If you dig around you can find the original on eBay and through various sellers online. Keep digging! You're right – the reformulation is awful, the original a complex, radiant green floral.


love that ad...



Oh I adore this scent so so much- I have no idea why it isn't more talked about on perfume blogs


Hi Rose,

I think maybe more people don't talk about it because the reformulation is awful, and it's relatively hard to find the original. I love Germaine Cellier, the perfumer. Her range was incredible. She was a real artist. Thanks for stopping by!

Marion E Dawson

Yes to all of the above who adored the Germaine Collier artistry of
the original VENT VERT and mourn its demise.How absurd and even deceitful to call the new formulation by the same name because it is a synthetic travesty unlike the natural that calls into senses the green grass and flower laden gusts of an early spring day.The nose knows the real.


Synthetic travesty! The original stuff is amazing...

Marion E Dawson

Well o.k. I've been forewarned that the new(?)VENT VERT is a
horrible travesty of my favorite most enchanting perfume, shouldn't
even be called by that name.Would someone who also adored the original
please tell me if it is possible to find a source for the original? I
saw it on Ebay and also read a comment that the original she received
had deteriorated so my quest hasn't been successful thus far.The
fragrance like CHANEL #5 is a supreme work of art of over a thousand
telling parts evoking an greening early spring day, no poetry there,
I'm not alone to cherish the original VENT VERT.So green, green, green.

Marie L

I just bought a bottle of the original Vent Vert on EBay , it's as perfect as it was 35 years ago when Vent Vert was MY scent. It was kept in a felt pouch in the original box, I was surprised how it 'survived' all those years; I am quit sure the high quality of the ingredients have something to do with this.
It's sad to see how even the best fragrances companies know use low end ingredients, they own the formulas of those magnificent perfume, how can they sell these cheap perfumes?
I am sure there are many people like me who would pay for quality perfumes, hey, I just paid a little over 200$ for a 2 ounces bottle of cologne... Worth every penny!!


Enjoy it, Marie. It is a beauty!!

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There are decants of an original 74 vent vert being sold on ebay uk,I bought one and it is fabulous!!

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