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November 29, 2013


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More D.V. on perfume from (where else) "D.V.":

"Napoleon's valet, I'm told, every morning, took literally a whole bottle of scent, L'Eau Imperiale - one of those divine Napoleonic flacons with bees all over it – and poured it right down the emperor's body. One bottle! Now whether it was a pint bottle or a two-pint bottle ... don't ask me. But this is something I understand totally."

"You should never put scent on immediately after your bath. That's the biggest mistake going - there's nothing for it to cling to. I must admit that Gertie Lawrence, who lived three terraces down from our house in Hanover Terrace when we lived in London - we played tennis together in Regent's Park every morning - used to take a big bottle of Molyneux perfume, smash it against the side of her tub ... and throw the contents in the water. Of course, you don't get anything out of a tub with perfume in it - it has no oil in it, only alcohol. This was a gesture of glory ... she was madly extravagant."


I need these books — stat. And I also need that iconic moon crescent necklace she wore. I adore her.


"Pink is the navy blue of India." I believe this is a DV quote. A mantra for my friends and I as young women. I also recently watched this movie. Just mad about it!


Yes, that is her quote, and so fabulous. That documentary was inspiring.


Any recommendations on where to get a stash of of old perfume bottles I've had for decades estimated for value?

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