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April 16, 2012



Ha! I have had "Perfume Set to Music" in and out of my Amazon.com basket several times over the last couple of years, since I learned about the connection between that and my beloved Toujours Moi. I feared that "Perfume Set to Music" would actually sound more like your delightful cat video than real music, so I couldn't justify a mystery purchase. Now all temptation is gone.

Listening to the download, I was reminded of the scene in "The Wizard of OZ' where Dorothy is at the beauticians in the Emerald City. If I remember correctly, they give her a big spray of something to finish off. Could Dorothy have worn Toujours Moi to visit the wizard? No, I really don't think so.


Hi Vinery,

I almost wish "Perfume Set to Music" sounded a bit more like the cat playing the Theremin than like standard soundtrack music. I think Revel's instinct to make the music sound a little uncanny and ethereal was right on the money, but I'm not sure he succeeded. So...does this teaser make you want to finally put the album back into Amazon for purchase? My 45 doesn't have like half of the perfume-songs, so I may be on the lookout once again!


I didn't know that there exists so many types of perfumes. Amusing!!

bedroom furniture

great man :D

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